Parents’ Holiday in Northern England (31st March 2010)

Mum and Dad depart for their Easter holiday today. I’ll be looking after the house, myself and our 27 Guinea Pigs (6 adults, 21 babies). Friday and Monday are Bank Holidays so I will be off work.

2nd April 2010

Went for a pretty long cycle ride. Was the same area as my 8 mile ride 2 years ago but with a wider route and visited the landmarks in a different order. It was just what I needed!

  1. Nearby woods, quite damp but always familiar.
  2. Basingbourne Park, bright and open.
  3. Basingstoke Canal via Pondtail bridges, getting warmer and overtook some couples.
  4. Farnborough overflow, which wasn’t overflowing and the canal level looks lower than it should.
  5. Pyestock tracks, doing my favourite and most technical route.
  6. Fleet Pond, accidentally starting with the sunny field North-East of it. A most delightful navigation error!
  7. Fleet Pond embankment and picnic area, rode up (and down) some (very) steep tracks for the first time.
  8. Got up the most difficult track (which I regularly attempt) on the 3rd or 4th try.
  9. Fleet Pond shore, where some couples were playing with a dog so I just passed through.
  10. Pondtail woods, jumping from a tree’s raised roots over the muddly ditch and into the concrete end of the road, whilst carrying my bicycle!

Even though there was hardly a soul to be seen, the area is full of birdsong and plantlife. So much so that it feels less lonely than being at home, where there are neighbours a matter of metres away in all directions!

4th April 2010

Long phone call with Zoe, catching up on times old and new. Bit of a heart-to-heart as well, something I find difficult but welcome.

5th April 2010

Honey had died overnight or during the morning. No sign of marks or illness, seems she just keeled over. Was one of the oldest adults, perhaps even a generation older than Lad?

Honey had been climbing up the cage to be fussed over the past couple of and I’d obliged. Had also been giving them all some apple treats and a fresh hay bed the night before, so I guess it was as good a send-off as could be hoped. Now down to 5 adults but all 21 babies are healthy…especially their voices!

Vaccum cleaned the whole house, starting with my bedroom. Had the windows open since I was hoovering up lots of dust. Now I think about it, this was technically Spring Cleaning!

Mum and Dad called and will be returning tomorrow afternoon. I’ll pick up a Charcoal Grill take-away for us all, on my way back from work. Large Shish Kebab with a small amount of salad and a portion of chips has become quite a favourite for me.