Backup of Important Files (20th March 2010)

Decided not to socialise on Friday night this week, instead coming home for a somewhat early night. This allowed me a nice long sleep deep into Saturday morning followed by a slow breakfast. Lovely. The rest of the day was ahead of me.

  1. Published some new letters for Calthorpe Park School.
  2. Used Sage within Firefox 2 to catch up on feeds, forums and suchlike.
  3. Started remodelling and retexturing the East of Tiny Tiny Town Arena.
  4. Had pizza as a family lunch.
  5. Wrote a couple of e-mails.
  6. Defragmented the hard drive.
  7. Had dinner.
  8. Watched some TV.
  9. Compacted messages from Outlook. (Ideally would have done this before defragmenting but the message only popped up afterwards!)
  10. Preened.
  11. Went back to PC.

At about 6:45pm I remembered I’d been meaning to do a backup for ages. Found the power lead for the external hard drive and by 7pm was transferring files. Somehow it seemed like a perfect time to fit this errand in, as my weekend looked nice and clear.

Folders Copied to External Hard Drive