Electric Beard Timmers Work (3rd January 2010)

Finally tried out the one I got for Xmas and it did a fine job. No cuts and an even finish. It’s about twice as loud as an electric toothbrush and the vaccum system works brilliantly to elminate mess.

It required going over the same area a few times. Even as my first ever experience with a device like this, it turned out much, much better than using scissors. Left my skin unmarked and if anything, made it feel nicer.

The exhaust from the vaccum did dry my lips somewhat whilst working near them. Gotta keep an eye on the chamber where the hair is collected and empty it during use. Seems to compact what it collects as well, so even this aspect is a good thing.

I’m very happy with it. Only improvement I want is for it to be much quieter. All those reciprocating blades and the fan to draw hair into the chamber mean such a device will always make some noise, though.