Family Xmas Summary (25th December 2009)

Zoe came over for a couple of days, so it was just the 4 of us. Kept it simple and homely. Reminded me of bygone times, especially when we’d always eat a family meal together. Speaking of which, the ones we had this were delicious. Home cooked festive dishes make Xmas, Xmas, imho.

Maybe I’ll list all the presents I received. We all had lots of items, many of which were unique to this year and some were even a surprise! I remember not knowing what I was getting until I opened it, then sitting wide-eyed in front of it exlaiming “Coooool!”

Even thought I have a better idea of what it will be these days, that excitement still resurfaces.

We did the usual family things. I caught up with some online friends, too. It’s funny how my oldest and most constant friends are people I have yet to meet and usually just talk about, modify and play Grand Theft Auto 2.