Blogging Omnibus (26th December 2009)

Another meta-entry to publish the scribbled notes on paper about things I’d like to blog about. (Previous one was a few months ago.)

Some of these notes have become Articles About Building Websites, mostly drafts with a few still unpublished. The remaining ones have now, finally, become published blog entries.

December 2009

  1. New Pension
  2. 10th Blood Donation
  3. Webkit on Mobiles
  4. Treated Myself to a New Water Bottle
  5. Car Taxed

Page Counts

Incidentally, my blog is by far the largest section on this website. Searching recursively for *.htm* files within each major section, ranked by number of results:

Section Pages Notes
Life of Ben (Blog) 819 725 entries, then index pages. Biggest area by far!
Web Research 241 20 pages of analysis, then index pages and archives.
Grand Theft Auto 107 Original reason I created a website!
User Interface Reviews 91 Could be about double the size if I had sponsorship.
Experiments 60 I do link to it publicly. Worth adding to navigation.
Tools & Editors 38 25 pages are changelogs for TextStudio.
Articles About Building Websites 27 There are a few unpublished ones.
Thoughts 24 Turn these into blog entries and remove the area?

Having seen these results, I’ve now given the /!dev/ section an Experiments item in the navigation. I do point people to parts of it from other websites, IRC and so forth. Now it is easy to find for people visiting the website directly.