GHBM Released for Testing (28th December 2009)

Sektor has let me add a download link to GTA2 Game Hunter Ben Millard Edition! (That’s GHBM for short.) This allows people to test it more easily than before, when I had to e-mail it to them. Click that link to see screenshots, changelogs and screenshots.

Various people have already tested GHBM. I use it for nearly all my games. My goal was to make it even more reliable, lightweight and simple to use than the official Game Hunter by Sektor.

Compatible with 1.491

Game Hunter 1.491 is what everyone uses at the moment. It was released on 19th July 2008. GHBM is based on that but removes a lot of the settings, removes some of the features and changed a lot of user interface stuff.

Quote from Sektor

BenMillard:congrats on the “soft launch” of 1.5 :)
BenMillard:can I do a public “soft launch” of GHBM yet? :P
BenMillard:I’ll add a download link to that blog entry, maybe update the GTAMP forum thread as well
BenMillard:think there’s a Polish forum with a GH wishlist, I could mention it there
BenMillard:sound OK?
BenMillard:I’ll mention GH1.5 is available from that topic for beta testing, too
Sektor:I want to fix some things first and make an installer
BenMillard:leaving it to the forum means pro players will find it but noobs won’t, which is probably a good thing
BenMillard:perhaps the main download link could have friendlier link text, instead of the filename?
BenMillard:Download the current version, _Game Hunter 1.491_.
Sektor:that version is anything but current
Sektor:I want to burn it

A couple of days ago, Sektor made a quiet beta release of Game Hunter 1.5 for people to test. It only supports Vike’s GTA2 v11.x. That has various fixes and small enhancements missing from the original game. Again, that’s just for testing at the moment.

You can get all the current GTA2 stuff, as well as links to the new stuff, from Sektor’s GTA2 homepage.