Nissan Almera Serviced, Cleaned & Refuelled (3rd December 2009)

Dropped my car in for its yearly service. This was an intermediate one. Next year will be a small one, then the next will be a full service. Wonder if I’ll still have it and be using it by then?

Service Check List

They also washed the body and hoovered the inside. An unexpected but pleasant surprise which is, apparently, part of the service!

Road-Legal for Another Year

Had the annual MOT Test done while it was there, too. It expires on 19th December 2010.

The odometer says it has done 27,705 miles. Not many at all for a 6-year-old car.

Re-fuelled Car for 2nd Time

Stopped at Tesco on the way back. First time I’ve refuelled there, although I’ve been a passenger when mum had refuelled this car there in the past.

You have to press a button to set the payment method before it will reset the pump and you can start doing anything! This was similar to but different from the previous experience of using a fuel pump.

Confusingly, the pump had both a Cancel and Reset button. Neither of them where the correct button to press!

There’s a message on the digital screen saying You must select a payment method first. or words to that effect. Button are at the edge of the screen, aligned with the option for Pay at pump or Kiosk. Somewhat like a cashpoint.

Anyway, this time it took £50 of fuel because the predicted range was down to just 30 miles. Like before, the fuel guage was a little above the full mark when I restarted the engine.

According to the kiosk staff, my Solo card isn’t taken by the machines. Bit of a shame, since the pumps which seemed to only support the pay-at-pump method are virtually deserted. I was in a queue behind 1 car, while the 2 cars ahead of that used the pumps.

With a full tank of fuel I can almost sense the car feels refreshed. More responsive and alert. Perhaps I’m becoming as much of a petrolhead in meatspace as I am in computer games!