Haircut 7 (7th November 2009)

For the first time ever, I drove my car to a hairdresser’s. The correct turn comes up quite unexpectedly due to the countless curves and dangerous “traffic calming” obstacles.

Driving forward into spaces and reversing out is still my preferred technique for parking. I was fairly chatty whilst I was there, which is also close to being a first.

Got my hair cut fairly short because my fringe was getting in the way. Plus the Northern Line on the London Underground seems to be crazy hot all year round. Still had it “textured” like the last time.

Started wearing my wollen hat from 6th Form days whilst standing on the platform at 7:40am. Sometimes wear it whilst going to get lunch at 1pm or 2pm. Or even 3pm some days.

One thing I really like about having shorter hair is it stands upwards. Some mornings I look like a character from those VO5 adverts. “Break the mold!”