Zoe Visited (10th October 2009)

A mixture of practical errands, recreational activities and that hard-to-describe feeling of family.

Initial Errands

Drove to the Tesco in Aldershot to meet her. Nosed into the parking space just like I do at Fleet Station. Tesco’s spaces are much more generously sized!

We did some shopping for me. Then I drove Zoe to Ash Vale, so she could pick up her prescription.

Recreational Activities

We got home and I set up my Playstation 2 so we could play some Gran Turismo 4.

Soon got back into the rhythm of it and had some very close races. We were trading places with clean moves and opportunistic moves when the other made a mistake.

After that I think we had some dinner but I don’t quite remember. Later on we watched The Matrix: Reloaded on ITV4.

Heading Home

At around midday I drove Zoe back to Bordon to meet her girlfriend. They invited me in and we chatted over a cup of tea. Talked about:

Having spent several days alone whilst my parents are on holiday this was some very welcome human interaction. Especially since it wasn’t about work!

Other Stuff

Perhaps making time for people is more important than making time for projects? Well, I suppose that’s obviously the case but for me it’s been a source of tension.

This website’s name (Project Cerbera) and it’s content (several sections of stuff I’ve made with a couple of sections partly about life) sort of illustrates that.

Either way, people are certainly becoming more important to me. Feels like I’m rediscovering a past life, although I’m also proud of what I’ve accomplished during the interim.