Fretting, Cycling & Chores (12th October 2009)

Towards the end of my parents’ holiday I really started to feel their absence.

Much Ado About A Puncture

Was thinking of going for a cycle ride. Decided to do so but started worrying about what to wear, where to go and so on. Eventually went down to dad’s workshop to get my bike.

The above kept looping round and round in my head. I was feeling quite overwhelmed. Considered calling my parents (who are on holiday until Tudesday 13th October 2009) for their advice. But this seemed like such a trivial issue. I’ve repaired a few punctures by myself in recent times but buying new tyres has always been done with them.

When they are here I often ask them about these things, as a quick sense check. This gives me a feeling of security and confidence. As I don’t have any close friends, my parents and my sister are the only people who can help me in this way. It’s one of the many reasons they are so valuable to me.

Eventually I decided to leave it and make lunch.

There was a beautiful blue sky, with white fluffy clouds. Felt sad to be missing it due to my indecisive confusion.

Clothes Washing

Long-Awaited Delivery

Called My Parents

Walk It Off

Phone Archived

Using the terrible PC software for my phone, I saved all 170 sent messages and 32 received messages. It was nearing its limit, IIRC.

Now I have a performant and spacious phone again. Yay!