Tasty Family Lunch (24th October 2009)

We drove to a Toby Carvery. The carpark was packed and it was pretty busy inside. Noise levels were fine as we got a neat little alcove quite out of the way. So glad nobody can smoke in these places, btw.

I noticed a little Xmas tree in a mock fireplace opposite the main entrance. You wait here to get a table. Here’s the meal I picked, in the order I picked them:

  1. Several generous slices of turkey.
  2. 1 Yorkshire Pudding. (These aren’t actually puddings.)
  3. 2 helpings of peas.
  4. 2 New Potatoes.
  5. 1 helping of broccoli.
  6. 1 helping of carrots.
  7. 1 ladle of beef gravy.

It was delicious, especially the turkey and New Potatoes! Definitely worth getting the gravy, really completed the meal. Mum gave me one of her roast potatoes at the end of the meal, which was also rather tasty.

Had a large orange juice to drink, which easily lasted the whole way through. By the end the ice cubes had melted down to a couple of little ice pellets.

Cracking and crunching them between my teeth was quite fun and nostalgic. I can’t place the exact memories it was resurfacing but they were some good times from my childhood, most likely.