Guinea Pigs in 3 Runs (12th September 2009)

At about 3pm I put the Guinea Pigs out on the lawn. Had to use all 3 runs because we have so many now! In total there are 6 adults and 12 babies kept in 3 separate runs. Quite a herd!

Dutchie had given birth to a litter of 5 babies earlier in the week, while my parents are on holiday. So, here is a list of what we have at the moment.

Litter of 4.
No litter.
Pregant. Very pregnant, in fact!
Litter of 5.
Litter of 3.

We have 3 these 3 runs for the lawn, made out of a metal lattice material:

I arranged the guinea pigs similarly to how they live in their runs. Only difference is I put Roxy by herself, in one side of the run with square holes. Lad was in the other side. He has a run to himself while the females have litters.

I had to move all the runs after half an hour or so. Those piggies can really munch! Since the babies are so small I had to catch them before moving the runs. This meant they are all very familiar with being handled, now! Proper grass is probably very good for the mothers’ milk and the exericse is good for them all.

Reminded me of Sunshine and Guinea Pigs (with photos) which I blogged over a year ago. Adding more photos and pictures is something I would nice to do with this blog. There are lots of screenshots in my UI reviews area because these are relatively straightforward to capture, with perfect quality and easy sizing. Taking photos is a lot more involved and sourcing relevant pictures at sensible sizes can be similarly time-consuming.