Driving Home from FLE (3rd September 2009)

Mum has driven to pick me up in the Almera and I have driven it home.

On 2nd September 2009 it was dark and there was pouring rain. The car ahead of me pulled out of the carpark onto a roundabout. It went right into the path of a merging Mercedes, nearly getting side-swiped.

Puddles alongside the road were so deep I had to drive near the central white lines to avoid splashing pedestrians. Really quite an extreme learning curve for my first time driving on public roads in about 7 years!

This evening it went smoothly. I had gotten on the wrong train at WAT; probably misread the platform number for the train I wanted. So it was about 8pm by the time I got to drive home but there was a decent amount of daylight left and the roads were almost clear.