Cycling Relieves Stress (27th September 2009)

Took the roads through Crookham Village to the Barley Mow. Took the lane over the bridge and came back along the towpath.

The “need for speed” came over me when I reached the long, undulating, downhill section of the lane. I decided to go all-out and was really zooming along!

The lane joins into the towpath. I was careful to go in the correct direction, so the canal was on my right. Then I rode it all the way back home.

Set off at about 6pm and got back at about 7pm. It’s actually quite a long way so to do it in an hour was a pleasant surprise. The weather was pretty warm but I’m glad I chose against wearing shorts like last time!

Before this cycle I was feeling quite angry about work, people and suchlike. By the end of the ride I was smiling. I guess zooming leads to smiling…for me, anyway.