Commuter Times from FLE to WAT (22nd August 2009)

How much time is commuting to my (still quite new) job taking out of my life? Time for a big data table!

Start Station1 Station2 End Total Notes
Thursday 30th July 2009
Outward07450800091009351:50Walked from WAT.
Return 17401820191519301:50Walked to WAT.
Tuesday 4th August 2009
Outward07150740083009001:45Walked from WAT to Tottenham Court Road.
Return 18051840193019451:30Walked to WAT to Tottenham Court Road.
Wednesday 5th August 2009
Outward07150740083009041:49Bus 1 from WAT.
Return 18001841192419501:50Bus 1 to WAT. Kebab after FLE.
Thursday 6th August 2009
Outward07380752083809021:24Forgot ticket. Bus from WAT to Russel Square.
Return 17451812193019452:00Bus 68 from Russel Square to WAT.
Monday 10th August 2009
Outward07200752083809202:00Bus stopped in gridlock due to RTA. Began walking at 9am.
Return 18451939202020291:44Bus to WAT.
Tuesday 11th August 2009
Outward07150739083209541:29Underground to WAT.
Return 17301740183518501:20Underground to WAT.
Wednesday 12th August 2009
Return 17451825191519301:15
Thursday 13th August 2009
Return 18151842
Friday 14th August 2009
Outward07320752091509301:58Power issues at WAT required change of trains at CLJ.
Return 07451812185519201:35Kebab after FLE.
Monday 17th August 2009
Return 18531941201820251:32
Tuesday 18th August 2009
Return 18101841
Wednesday 19th August 2009
Return 180008412027Long delay getting pizza due to schoolkids before us.
Thursday 20th August 2009
Return 17550823191519251:30
Friday 21st August 2009
Outward07450809090009201:35No trains near 0750 today.
Return 18402112220822151:35Walked to end of road.
Monday 24th August 2009
Return 184519122000Kebab after FLE.
Tuesday 25th August 2009
Return 18561912
Wednesday 26th August 2009
Return 18000841Missed ~18:10 from WAT.
Thursday 27th August 2009
Return 183019091957Missed ~1840 from WAT.
Friday 28th August 2009
Return 18381909200020301:52Heavy rain briefly became hail! Kebab after FLE.

For the record, I bought a new drinks bottle during lunch on Friday 28th August 2009 from the newsagents behind my workplace. I bought a pair of strawberry lip balms from Boots at WAT on my way home.

Method for Collecting the Data

Each day I have tried to log the key times of my outward journey and the return. Gaps are in the data are from immediate events taking precence over note-taking. Events such as:

Anyway, I chose pen and paper for data collection due to the balance of:

Analysis of my Commute

Largely derived from less than a month of personal experience but seemingly confirmed by the data above:

Technical Review of the Table

Rationalising the data so it can fit into the data models available in HTML meant some compromises. The careful prioritisation and clever optimisation to maximise the quality of the table was quite an interesting exercise, for me.


The above was my best effort and has these drawbacks:

As such, quite a lot of useful data is absent or a bit weird.


On the other hand:


So, all things considered, I am satisified with this table.