Faster Driving Practice (31st August 2009)

Much like my previous driving practice. This time I did 30mph several times and used 2nd gear quite a lot. We also did 2 emergency stops and drove around some really wiggly areas. Driving is starting to feel like a lot of fun!

I bought my car insurance on Sunday from Swift Cover. Their website has a ghastly visual design with some terribly repetitive workflows. Their adverts claim the common case is getting a car insurance quote in 60 seconds. O rly?

Anyway, their price was about £450 and everyone else’s was was between £500 and £1,500. Also, I quite like that an all-online service really does produce a big competitive advantage.

Junctions are fiddly. Parking seems difficult when you think about it. I kept going too far into the space. Eventually got a good one though, just as Dad arrived.

He brought Mum and I an ice lolly each, a Callipo to be precise. I remember getting those from the ice cream van years and years ago. Mum and Dad would have ice creams, Zoe would usually have a Feast and I’d have a Callipo.

Since starting my new job, getting home and absorbing the events of the day has reminded me of many past events. It feels like my mind is re-assessing which memories are important enough to hold onto. It’s a moving experience.