Adding a Feed (14th July 2009)

Yesterday (or the day before that) I started adding a RSS 2 output to my blog build script.

It passes the Feed Validator. I decided to jump through all the hoops of it’s compatibility advice, too.

Decided not to hook up the autodiscovery for it right away. Doing some private beta testing amongst friends, first. This is my first time ever attempt to generate a feed!

Having to translate all the named entities I use into NCRs is pretty lame. Luckily I don’t use that many, so a list of string replacements is adequate.

Bugs Reported

A bit of weirdness reported by DrSlony on Linux (KDE 4.2.4) with Akregator 1.4.4. (Incidentally, it seems that website has not been maintained for some time, as it talks about Akregator 1.2.5 being the most recent version on KDE 3.5.5, which I’m informed “is (almost) dead.”

When initially subscribing to my feed, all my entries were older than the 3-day cutoff. They were all listed correctly. However, clicking them did nothing.

I added this new item to see if it helped. After I actually uploaded this page (lol!) he could click the most recent item and arrive at this page, correctly.

This makes me think there’s a subtle bug in the way Akregator works. Maybe items which have technically expired are displayed in the UI accidentally, hence they are unresponsive to clicking?

Autodiscovery Hooked Up (18th July 2009)

There have been no more bug reports so the feed is now live!

Blog Building Benchmarks (3rd August 2009)

The 1st run of my script takes a over 15 seconds. Subsequent runs take about 5 seconds. Maybe my HDD or the file system or both have some awesome caching and performance optimisations built-in? Neat!