Cycling Takes 40 Minutes (11th June 2009)

From deciding to go for a ride to returning and starting to cook dinner took 40 minutes. I could do this every day!


  1. Nearby woods.
  2. Roads to Crookham Village.
  3. Cut through footpath near newsagent.
  4. Rode over hill with wavy grass and views over distant villages.
  5. Winding trail through woods.
  6. Small roads past swingbridge and over humpback bridge, crossing Basingstoke Canal.
  7. Whizzed down lane and honked up the long slope to the road ended.
  8. Turned right and went back over canal at Crookham Wharf.
  9. Roads back home.
  10. Did a cooldown lap of the block with gloves off.

There are other routes fairly nearby I could use, to keep it varied.