Reunion with Evan (24th May 2009)

Quite out of the blue, I got a text on 20th May 2009. Didn’t give his name to start with, so I asked who he was. It was Evan, one of my best friends from Calthorpe Park School!

We did a 20-mile cycle ride to get the “personal challenge” part of our Trident certificates. This was about 8 years ago!

We arranged to meet at a somewhat local pub called de Havilland Arms. I had a couple of double Bacardi and Coke. It’s the tasty way to get tipsy!™ Evan had a couple of pints.

We did a bit of reminiscing about old times. But for the most part we talked about what we’d been up to for all these years. Work, movies, TV, women and friends…a pleasingly normal conversation.

It felt just like old times. Times I had almost forgotten.