New Power Supply (29th April 2009)

The pictures are of the new innards of the upstairs PC. Previous setup looked much the same.

Power unit intake fan aligns with CPU exhaust. Case fan operates perpendicularly to them. A tight tangle of ribbon cables flow between the power lines. Looking down towards the cards at the bottom of the case. Motherboard covers entire far side of case. Wide view shows CPU is central with power supply above, various drives in front, various cards below and case fan behind. Close view of a power line jumping from DVD to CD to floppy drive. Hard drive uses a separate line.

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Getting the Replacement

Getting the Replacement


Report (2nd May 2009)

A good couple of days later and it’s been right as rain. Much quieter and immeasurably less annoying than the grinding of the old one!

Seems minutely quieter with the same type of noise as when the old one was running perfectly. The new one has 2 fans, one of which helps exhaust air away from the CPU. So I’m entirely pleased by it.