My Telephone & Me (9th April 2009)

Having seen the Memory Full message several times during the past week and cleared out lots of uninteresting message, I’ve decided to archive the remaining messages on my PC. To the phone’s credit, there first message does date back to 24th October 2006!

It is the Sharp GX15 my dad bought ages ago. For someone with a keen interest in better user interfaces it may seem odd to have a hand-me-down mobile. A model which is ancient history.

This phone genuinely fills the 119 daintily-size pages of the User Manual. The accompanying Quick Start Guide is a modest 9 pages. It is a straightforward product which can do a surprising amount.

Installing the Software

Found I don’t have the special cable to connect it to the PC. So now I have to search for an old cable. Might be one on eBay? Worth a look.

(Further documented by me in Installing the Sharp GX15 Software.)

New Cable (15th April 2009)

Bought on eBay at the end of last week, arrived today. Fits and works, although using the Sharp GX15 manager is a series of frustrations and confusions.

New Battery (20th April 2009)

Whilst browsing for cables I saw replacement batteries. I often put the phone into the red, so I figure it’s worth a shot. It arrived within a couple of days of ordering since it was during the week.

Fitted it the same day. It’s been idling on my desk since then. The battery status on the display has only just dropped down by a bar at 1am on 22nd April 2009.

Proven Success (1st May 2009)

The new battery is definitely lasting a lot longer than the old one.