Palm Pre (28th April 2009)

(My response to Palm Pre CES Press Event, e-mailed to me by Fliss’s mum.)

Wow. This is how all companies should approach user interface design. Not just the likes of Palm and Apple!

Some moments are very reminiscent of the iPhone. Such as opening the photo gallery, looks just like the iPhone Apps list. And rotating the device to rotate the current view is the same.

Finding gestures which make sense across so many diverse activities is really impressive.

The politeness and compactness of the notification area is inspired. Windows XP has some things like that. The “balloon tips” which sprout from the system tray in the bottom-right corner and the status bar at the bottom of each application. But the Palm Pre demo did this so much more elegantly and thoroughly.

Gets a bit boring after about 45 minutes.

Mattias, the guy who presented the demo, reminds me of people I’ve met at web standards conferences. The younger generation of them, in particular.

Took me a week to make time for this. But I’m glad I did. c{:¬)