Fliss Thursday (9th April 2009)

Although my previous visit was just 3 days ago, it felt like we’d been apart for a while.

Warming Up

We start off a bit awkward and quiet, just catching up on minor events which had happened since last time. Started talking about economy; Fliss has seen redundancies and lots of people entering the store she works at asking for jobs. Having many strings to my financial bow means I’m somewhat protected, since I can move to other clients if places are tighteneing their purse strings.

We discussed whether history will repeat itself and whether it will be like the 1920’s Great Depression or more like the 1980’s recession. I think the latter since the conditions are more similar, so it’ll blow over after a while.

Fliss thinks our modern way of life will collapse at some point. I’m not sure. There are some good and clever people who work on this stuff.

Change of Subject

We started talking about what we have in common. This cheered us both up and warmed the atmosphere. Fliss let me ramble about how she compares to other people I’ve known. Described memories I have of them and we remembered past adventures we’ve had together.

This is probably the longest and deepest conversation I’ve had all year. Perhaps even since the last time Fliss and I were meeting regularly, back in 2007!

Weird Music

Fliss located for some interesting songs she had found online earlier in the week. One was called My Mouth is full of Drop-Kicking Astronauts and had a curious blend of:

Of course, Fliss and I tried to sing along. Perhaps “sing” isn’t the right word…it involved a lot of giggling and guffawing.