Blizzard! (2nd February 2009)

Much like the April Blizzard last year but this time, it stayed cold all day. It’s now 5:30pm and the snow has only worn away where people have been walking, riding and driving.

It was about midday when I took these pictures. For comparison, also check Sunshine and Guinea Pigs from 4pm during April 2008.

Spoke to a couple of kids who were playing in the snow. They were building a fort and generally shifting snow around with shovels and buckets. Like a scaled-up and cooled-down version of building sandcastles at the beach.

All the schools in Fleet were closed. Apparently quite a few people stayed home, too.

No Rest for the Webmaster!

After some negotiation, I managed to remove the splash page a member of staff had put on Calthorpe Park School. Instead, we made it into a normal feature for the homepage.

Had to comment out all other features from the main content. I wanted to keep them. My contention was that F-shaped reading pattern means a normal feature at the top of main content will be noticed by everyone. But the staff member insisted.

At least it’s not a splash page any more. Indeed, now it’s consistent with other pages, has full navigation and the imminent Parent Forum Group arrangements are there.