Family Xmas (27th December 2008)

We’ve mostly been watching TV and eating home-cooked meals together. Zoe and I have played some Gran Turismo 4. I’ve had some Bacardi and Coke-cola, which is a tasty way to get lightly festive.

Zoe lent me Batman Begins, which I’ve now watched. It more than does justice to the franchise! Much like Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles has done for that franchise.

Presents Received

My stack of presents:

More Gift Ideas

There’s only 20kB left on my Playstation 2 memory card due to all the GT3 and GT4 stuff on it. A new memory card would let me have one card for each game, spreading the replays and setting files.

There’s only 29kB on my old Playstation card but I don’t play Gran Turismo and GT2 any more.

Both my hi-fi and TV have lost one channel in their stereo output. They’ve been like it for a long time and I got used to them. But having proper stereo to enjoy my new albums and while playing GT4 at night would definitely enhance the experience.