Fever! (18th December 2008)

Late this evening I started feeling ill. My temperature was rising yet I was shivering and sweating. My nose was bunged up, my head was groggy and I felt pressure behind my sinouses.

Seems to be a flu of some sort. Lost my appetite and, more alarmingingly, lost my labido.

So I’ve been resting as much as possible. I don’t feel at all compelled to work on my Acessify Forum Demos while feeling this poorly. Despite being over the moon with their progress.

Getting Better? (20th December 2008)

The fever seems to come and go. Nose is fairly clear. Throat is a bit sore. Maybe it’s just waxing and waning but I’m feeling somewhat better. For now.

Victory in Ben Day! (21st December 2008)

All clear. Back to my usual self.

Long as you’ve got your ’ealth, that’s the main thing!

Mark Steele