Dentistry in the UK! (15th December 2008)

My first ever appointment with a dental hygienist took place today. More of a precaution than anything. Prevention is better than cure, especially since teeth don’t grow back. c{8¬B

There’s a miniature pneumatic drill type thing she was using right on the gumline behind my teeth. Really painful! Made my eyes water but I could feel it was breaking off itty bits of hardened plaque.

I had booked a quick checkup with my dentist in the slot before the hygienist but I arrived late. Still, my dentist came up and took a quick look. He thinks the slightly wobbliness I’d reported with a lower tooth was due to my retainer detaching from 2 of them.

So he booked me in for the next day to get it re-attached. During his lunch break, no less.

Dentist Appointment (16th December 2008)

We arrived on time but had quite a long wait. To be expected, since there was another emergency lunch appointment before me.

He trimmed the retainer and fixed it back in place, the ground away the excess cement.

The tooth has stopped wobbling now. Since teeth aren’t mounted directly into bone, they can move a bit from time to time. As I’m only 23, my skeleton is still finishing off its shape in a few places. Such as my jaw, it seems.

My upper left wisdom tooth is coming through. It’s not causing pain so neither the hygienist nor the dentist told me to do anything about it.