Family Cycle (23th August 2008)

Similar route to my birthday, although the towpath was noticably more overgrown this time. On the way back, mum zipped up onto the humpback bridge and we all freewheeled down the hill.

Mum and dad continued around the corner while I tore off through the woods. The track is just packed soil and varies in width from about 2m down to about 20cm.

It’s a long, gentle but steepening uphill route on the way in. It flattens out after a 90° right-hander although there are dips and camber changes across the path. Another 90° right-handed leads onto a lane. By this time I was quite worn out from sprinting the whole way, so I coasted down it.

My parents were waiting at the end. After a short pause we continued back to the canal, rejoining at the swingbridge and headed home. Did a cool-down lap around the estate with mum; dad pull straight into our driveway.