Mum’s Birthday (9th February 2008)

Zoe, Sarah, mum, dad and I all went to the The Hatchgate for a family lunch. We go there for most family meal type situations because:

The food is very British but uses fine ingredients cooked just enough. This time I had the quarter pound beefburger with cheese, bacon and mushrooms. The menu said you could have 1 of these 3 options. But I asked the waitress nicely and it turns out you can have all 3. So that’s what I got.

Living off borind British frozen food from supermarkets makes even the dullest food seem tasty. Cottage Pie with frozen Mixed Vegetables is not a delicacy.

Their side salad contains actual leaves, which are crisp and flavoursome. Eating at the Hatchgate is like tasting a different world, to me!

(Don’t let their web design skills put you off.)