SEO & Spamming (23rd January 2008)

Coming to an inbox near you, some spam I received (twice) today:

Suggestion Re:

Dear Website Owner,

If I could increase the amount of relevant traffic to your website by 500% , would you be interested?

[Unethical SEO company] is one the leading Search Engine Marketing firms, consistently bringing our clients excellent organic ranking results. We deliver more TOP RANKINGS than any other company ,and at less than half of what other companies charge, and we can prove it. Using proprietary techniques - some of the industry’s most closely guarded secrets - we can drive relevant, targeted traffic to your site. Our methods are honest, ethical, and above all, highly effective

Here’s what you can expect from [unethical SEO company]:

Find out how Search Engine Marketing can improve the traffic to your website - I would be happy to send you a proposal using the top search phrases for your area of expertise. Please contact me at your convenience so I can help you make more money on the web. If you have any questions, or would like more information, don’t hesitate to email or call me.

With advertising on the internet growing as by a 25% compound annual rate, we really don’t want you to be left behind.

(The typos with punctuation and grammar are original.)

Just in case there was any doubt: all SEO is unethical. Honest content wins in the long term.