Completed GT4 (27th August 2007)

Circuit de la Sarthe 24h was the final event I tackled. It’s the pinnacle of motor racing.

The Bentley Speed 8 LMP900 was the machine I used. After extensive racing in the other events and winning the Grand Valley 300km event with it, I had a good affinity for the way it drives. My idea was to relive Bentley’s historic return to le Mans when they won their class and finished 3rd overall. Except I’d win outright, naturally.

My final stint had to be one lap longer than my other stints. I had anticipated this and added an extra lap of fuel at my final pit stop. However, the rear tyres degraded more than I expected and I span out through the Dunlop Curves, going deep into the gravel! The car barely crawled as I fought to get out of the gravel traps. By the time I got back onto the track, I was running on fumes. It ran out before entering the final sequence of chicanes and the persuing Mazda 787B was gaining fast!

Luckily I managed to cross the line just 3 seconds ahead. Whew! What a nailbiting way to reach 100%!

GT4 has lived up to every expectation I had and more. If GT5 cultivates a modding community, I would be seriously tempted to participate in it.