Spamming W3C (4th February 2007)

One of the less well publicised tools available for checking websites is W3C’s Checklink Service. The online version is limited to 150 documents at a time but it does operate recursively. Set it to trundle through a directory with fewer than 150 documents and it’s tremendously useful.

I run it in the Summary Mode so the report doesn’t include every single HEAD request it makes. Speaking of which, I’m not sure if Project Cerbera 2.0 respects HEAD requests might be sending the message body like a normal GET. Another thing for the to-do list!

A lot of pages are changing their name and/or location in this version. I predict that my .htaccess file is going to be putting on a lot of weight. Careful use of RedirectMatch should minimise that, especially given the detailed and consistent naming conventions of my tutorial pages.