Calthorpe Enters Hantsweb Awards 2007 (28th February 2007)

On 2007-02-20 I e-mailed Warren Brand at Calthorpe Park School that the Hantsweb Awards 2007 had opened for nominations.

There are lots of categories to choose from. It seemed to me we’d fit in “Most Accessible Website” and “Best School and College Website” but wasn’t sure if this was allowed. So I e-mailed them and they very promptly replied:

Yes, you can enter multiple categories. If your website has made particular measures to make it more accessible, or highly interactive, but falls under the remit of another category as well (in your case, Best School and College Website) you may want to enter it into multiple categories to reflect this. In order to enter into multiple categories you muist fill out the form twice, once for each category.

Hantsweb Awards.

So that’s what we did. Just a day or two later, we are now listed in both categories:

I think we’ve got a good shot at the accessibility category, although some of the past entries are pretty impressive.

There’s some stiff competition in the schools category. We aren’t helped by my non-existent design skills but our realign means a lot more student work will be getting up there. We’re refining the navigation and I’ll be making some backend tweaks to improve performance, so maybe we’ll get a runner-up spot thanks to this.