Lots of Work (25th November 2006)

I had a very important job during this week (2006-11-20 to 2006-11-24) helping with an accessibility audit. I don’t think I say who for. It involved lots of staying up all through the night writing issues and fixes in the Microsoft Word report.

I got the work through Phil Smears of sdesign1. When he first suggested I help I was really dauted by it. The size of the client and the detail required in the work seemed beyond my ability, but Phil encouraged me and it turned out fine. We went checkpoint by checkpoint through WCAG 1.0, which broke the report into bitesized pieces.

I’ve got a new job lined up for Monday, too. This will be a new build for a website which has been in the visual design phase for the past couple of weeks. It’s a very complicated and graphically intesive plan which I think is much too extravagent to be usable on the web. However, if the final design remains as heavily loaded with graphics I’ll do my best to make it as efficient and scalable as possible.