Small Website Job (3rd November 2006)

Phil Smears sent me a job doing remedial work for a University website last Friday. Was working with the developers via Windows Messenger to make the CSS produced by their designer interoperate in their four target browsers:

I had been awake all night and started the work at 10am. It went on until 8pm and I was bloody knackered by the end!

They asked for another small fix on Monday (2006-11-07) because the clickable regions of some adjescant links were obscuring each other. It was due to the hackish layout techniques which I’d been rewriting all through Friday, so I was able to fix it and make it pixel-perfect in all the target browsers without hacks.

All in all, I’ve invoiced for 12 hours work at £15 per hour. That works out at a nice £180. And I’ve got a seven-day job from Phil scheduled for the middle of this month.