Hemmorhoid (7th November 2006)

Somewhen around 2006-11-01 I got a hemorrhoid. I’d been delaying my bowel movements quite a lot the previous week while working through the new code for CFG Studio 2. It causes incredible itching on the skin around that area and can be really painful at times. Luckily we have some ointment for it here which eases the discomfort a lot. I’ve been taking things easy since, as that seems to help as well.

On 2006-11-06 I went to see my GP. Wasn’t the doctor I normally see, this one was a bit younger and geekier which was nice. We actually had quite a chuckle about it; apparently my one is a textbook example. She prescribed me some more ointment and said it’ll probably be a couple more weeks until it absorbs back into the body.

One of her suggestions was to try and ease it back inside as that would stop it irritating the external skin. “If it won’to then don’t force it,” she advised. Well, I tried and it was quite defiant about the whole thing, so I’ve gave up after a while. But has mostly retracted during last night and is now a lot more comfortable than it was, so I guess it was worth trying.

Anyway, I’m documenting this because I’ve now learnt my lesson the hard way: Do not delay your bowel movements, even when working on interesting code projects!