New Home Network (4th October 2006)

Since getting the new computer we’ve had a home network set up by a local freelance computer helper blokey. My dad ran the Ethernet lead lead through the house between the two.

The blokey supplied a firewire card for the AMD computer but didn’t install it’s drivers, relying on the ones Windows XP chose. After getting system freezes and a bluescreen error the next day we called him out again.

The network still doesn’t work properly. The upstairs computer doesn’t list the downstairs computer. WinRAR files are very reluctant to transfer between them. Normally takes several tries, sometimes resorting to randomly opening and closing network setup dialogs until they eventually see each other.

I think we need to get the computer blokey to sort out what he’s set up. He seems to really know his stuff but if I left a job in this ramshackle a state, I’d frankly be ashamed. I’m sure part of the problem is a less than optimal implementation of networking in Windows XP but I can’t believe every network fails 90% of the time. The internet connection routes between the two computers perfectly.