Visited Fliss (2006-10-18 to 2006-10-20) (24th October 2006)

Friday Night to Saturday Morning

Arrived at her mum’s house at about 19:00. Chatted with them both for quite a while; her mum had ordered a new computer to replace her laptop. Left and went to the bedsit Fliss lives at.

We started cooking some food as soon as we got there and went upstairs. I put the fruit I brought over into the fridge and Fliss started playing World of Warcraft. She had gotten to level 40 and could now ride horses. One had firey hooves, eyes and breath.

After eating I think we watched TV until we fell asleep. During the night, I was woken up by Fliss screaming. At first I thought she had just woken from a vivid nightmare and was disoriented, but I soon saw she’d been stung below her right shoulder. Then I noticed the wasp, which was still flying around the room! I grabbed a pair of my jeans and waited until it landed on a surface to squish it.

Soon after that Fliss noticed another wasp was flying around and while I persued it round the room I noticed another. Fliss got so scared that she ran out of the room, then asked for her bag. I passed it to her and when she opened it one of the wasps flew out! I opened the door and luckily it flew straight past me back into the room while Fliss legged it to the bathroom, locking the door behind her.

I closed the bedroom door to keep the wasps contained and started to stalk them. After a lot of cat-and-mouse (or is that man-and-wasp?) I managed to swipe one onto the floor where I squashed it under the jeans. After checking it was dead I wrapped it up in a tissue and put it in the bin.

Fliss returned from the bathroom a while later but there was no sign of the third wasp. We waited for what seemed like an age but there was nothing, not even a faint buzz. So we went back to bed and I fell asleep.

Not sure how much later on, but I was woken up by Fliss shaking me and screaming it was back! I leapt up off the bed, grabbed my jeans, the whole time shouting “Where is it? Where is it?!” “It’s by the light, above you!” came the reply. I looked up and the wasp was heading straight for me, barely and arm’s length away. I instinctively swiped it with the jeans and made contact but didn’t see where it went.

Again, we waited around for a long time but there was no hint it was still alive. So again, I went back to sleep...and was once more woken by Fliss shouting that there was a wasp! She hadn’t seen it but had heard it buzzing in the far corner of the room. I went to that corner to try and find it but couldn’t. Fliss saw it on the window and made this clear, so I went over to it and squashed it against the net curtain. It fell onto the windowsil, so I squashed it some more before wrapping it in a tissue. I thought I felt it wriggle a bit so I applied pressure and got a soft pop! in return.

We slept in for a long time after that!

Saturday to Sunday Morning

I made Fliss a cup of tea and a cup of instant hot chocolate for myself. I also brought up some bowls so we could eat breakfast. We each had Corn Flakes and watched some television. Fliss started playing World of Warcraft again so I read some more of CSS Mastery.

While making our dinner (chicken pies with vegetables) I got talking to Cloe and Lewis, two of the other housemates. Cloe had moved in a couple of weeks earlier but Lewis had brought a lot of food and things to take up. One of his arms was in a sling, so I helped carry up some bags, their speakers and their video player.

After eating Fliss showed me some videos people had made from footage recorded in World of Warcraft and then voiced over. Some of the pieces were really well produced and very funny! They ranged from footage of a guild attacking a massive boss dragon thing to spoof music videos. She also showed me a South Park episode about the addictiveness of MMOPRGs.


We slept in for a really long time on Sunday. Eventually we got up. I made both myself and Fliss a cup of hot chocolate, although I couldn’t get it to froth up nicely. I had a bowl of cereal and Fliss had a pair of cake bars. She started playing World of Warcraft again, so I decided to get all my things ready to leave for her mum’s later on.

We left Fliss’ place around 18:45 and reached her mum’s a few minutes later. My dad rang Fliss saying he’d be about ten minutes late. Fliss’ mum had received some parts for her new computer and was showing them to me when my dad arrived. He explained that their dinner took longer than they planned. I was grateful to a lift from them at all!