NTL Digital TV Upgrades (6th September 2006)

In the small hours of this morning I noticed the channels had been rearranged. It’s been a long time since the Digital TV service received an update of any kind, so I decided to poke around to see what had changed. It seems like the changes have included some upgrades to the client-side interface code:

These changes have gotten me wondering why wasn’t it like this in the first place? When NTL’s interface used pink and white, it was all pretty rapid and functional (if a bit garish). But when they tried to mimmick Sky’s blue and white interface it’s been a real chore to do anything with it. They also got rid of the versioning information page, so I can’t tell if they’ve been releasing minor builds during that time.

IIRC, the last change was about two years ago. I’ve been paying my bill all that time for a service which is slower than it evidently could have been!

Although the old response times were between one and ten seconds, the majority now seem to be under one second. It’s like a whole new experience. All the usability studies that say you need response times below 0.1 seconds for users to feel connected with the interface must be true! Let’s hope NTL continue to improve their service and don’t let it stagnate again.