Myriad Islands for Grand Theft Auto San Andreas (MISA) (29th August 2006)

Connecting illSTA to illCOM is proving to be quite a contenious issue. The simplest way would be to run a four lane bridge over the Southern platform of Snow Racer’s Marina, and we have his permission to do this. However, several other MI contributors have objected to this because it involves altering an existing lot. The annoying thing is their alternative proposals involve altering even more existing lots!

Furthermore, some proposals have been made with no idea where they will go, or even if they will fit into the existing landscape. And yet my original idea has a location, it has the author’s permission and will slot directly into the current plans for illSTA.

After lots of lengthy forum messages, there are four main proposals:

Another annoying thing is how deeply unrealistic some of the proposals are. Some intend to have the 4-lane road on illCOM suddenly break up into several levels, with one or two of its middle lanes being used as exit ramps. This is contrary to so many basic principles of Western road networks that it’s staggering people are suggesting we make them.

It’s also extremely frustrating when people insist these crazy designs are fine because it’s for a game. We aren’t making this for Mario Kart; it’s for the immersive and atmospheric environment of GTA. The biggest strength of the GTA series is that you have incredibly realistic cityscapes for such a big computer game, in which you can do extraordinary things.

I’m now talking with the various people who’ve put forward designs via instant messaging to see if we can agree on something which will work.