Entry Permalinks Tweaked (5th June 2006)

Now that I’ve restructured this section into a properly indexed blog with one folder per year, I’ve become unhappy about the values for my permanent links to entries. Yes, I probably do have better things to spend my time on. But this is interesting; this is fragment identifier tweakage!

The old format for a permalink was this:


There are many bad things about this, described below.

Parts of the date present in the main URL are repeated in the fragment identifier.
Portions of date are not seperated
The year and the month are part of the filename when the year should be a ‘parent’ of the month.
‘Entry’ is no good
This keyword should be followed by the title of the entry. Since that would make long fragment identifiers, something different is needed.
Also, several entries are often filed for the same day.

My new format looks like this:


This fixes all the problems mentioned above but still contains a file extension. That means it isn’t technology neutral but at least it has improved.