CFG Studio Updated (6th June 2006)

After nearly three months, CFG Studio has received lots of small improvements. Changes include:

I’m thinking about making it support more files, including:

There won’t be any special features like a colour picker or a mods catalogue. The grid interface of CFG Studio should make editing these files easier than using Notepad due to the column and row headings, as well as having Bookmarks, Backups and Recent Files functionality.

CFG Studio already has a sort of ‘Content Sniffing’ algorithm for determining which edition of handling.cfg is being opened. It also detects when a file is too different from handling.cfg to be recovered and goes into a Format: Unknown mode which is a bit like the ‘Quirks Mode’ some browsers have. Extending this to detect other file formats seems possible in theory.

I hope to have a stab at it somewhen next week, after I get back from Fliss’. I might make a topic about developing a Content Sniffing algorithm for GTA text data in the Editing Discussion > Misc area of GTA Forums.