Redevelopment of SiteStudio Begins (5th May 2006)


Way back on 2004-08-24 I decided to build a program which could search for filenames and copy them all to a new folder. In essence, a selective backup utility.

From this basic idea SiteStudio was released. It allows searching in specific folder or drive, optionally including all its subfolders, for all files matching a set of filename filters. Once the search has completed, the matching files can then all be copied to a destination folder, preserving any subfolders. You can also delete all the matching files.

New Tasks, New Demands

This has served me well over the past year but now I need something a bit more powerful. I need to exclude certain subfolders when searching and want to exclude certain filenames which could be matched by the filter. I want to select multiple folders and multiple filters for both including and excluding from the search. I want my results to be shown on a new page or tab and I want to copy or delete only the files I select.


My answer is to split the main interface into two pages or tabs. The first tab will contain configuration options. The first section will be the Include lists for Folders and Filenames. The second section will be the Exclude lists of the same type.