Web Developer Extension v1.0 for Firefox Released (2nd January 2006)

The infamous Web Developer Extension for Firefox reached version one on 2005-12-31 and I downloaded it yesterday. I had some strange problems with getting Firefox to install it (which I created a topic about) but it seems to install without problems by any method for most people. Uninstalling any existing version of the extension, restarting your browser and then installing the new version is your best bet if you don’t want to risk problems, though.

This update has been a year in the making and is a big development for the tool. It includes a vast number of improvements to the level of details you can manipulate with it, as well as many improvements to its user interface. It adds many new features and fixes some bugs which are listed in the history of the extenstion page on the author’s website.

It is an extremely useful tool for anyone who works with websites, whether they are novices or experienced professionals.