MapEditor (MEd) Interface Demonstration Released (2nd January 2006)

The first release of MEd Tests is now available. Med Tests is an interface demonstration I have made to let people try out some developments Tonywob and I have been talking about for his MEd program. He is currently taking a four week break from programming during the festive season, during which I’ll be continuing to develop the MEd Tests interface using the ideas we've developed together.

This test program has no editing capabilities whatsoever. I am releasing it to demonstrate the ideas Tony and I have had so that we can gather some testing from the modding community on whether they find the interface better than before. We want to encourage the modding community to get involved with the way their tools so they can tell us what features they need and how they would like them to work.

By combining these user needs and rationalising the interface, we hope to build the best ever tool for editing GTA landscapes.