Xmas! (26th December 2005)

My mum, dad and sister were all here from 2005-12-24 to today. We had a lovely dinner yesterday and opened all our presents together in the living room. Things I received:

When I shortlisted those albums I wasn’t 100% that I really wanted them, but now I’ve had a couple of days of listening to them I’m really glad they were bought for me. The reviews I read for the Howl album said it was a radical departure for BRMC which wasn’t like anything they did before. To me, it seems like they've become a lot more bold with the style they had and their music has matured, creating a surprising and unique album which I’m really getting into.

A new graphics card for this machine has been a real stress for my parents to try and get hold of as this machine is fairly old (built in 2001). I installed the card this morning but it is drawing the textures of GTA San Andreas vehicles flourescant orange and I’ve got no idea why. I’ve written a more detailed message on GTAForums in the thread where my Mum was getting advice from other forum members about what card would be most suitable.