New GTAmodding Wiki Released by GTAnet (17th December 2005)

If you don’t know what a Wiki is, it is like a public magazine or blog where anyone can write articles. However, anyone can edit articles which have already been written and the whole thing is overseen by a group of administrators and editors. This leads to articles which have been reviewed and refined by thousands of people. The Wikipedia Project have been using this system to build a great encyclopedia from public contributions.

The GTAmodding Wiki has been created so that people who have registered at the very popular GTA Forums website can contribute thier knowledge. All editions of GTA are covered and new categories will be created when new editions are announced. As the name suggests, this Wiki is only for file format documentation, modding tutorials and stuff like that.

I’ve created a Referring to GTA Versions article so that all the contributors can settle on one full title and one shortened title for each edition in the series. This will make it easier to understand exactly which edition a certain file format is for, which versions cannot connect with each other for multiplayer mods and so on.

There are already dozens of articles which have been started and the project will eventually contain everything the community knows about modding this series of games. Please be very careful about making changes or creating new documents and try to write in an unbiassed manner and use the same notation as the rest of the pages. Wikis are only helpful to people when they are used responsibly.