MultiSlayer Updates (3rd November 2005)

The final version of MultiSlayer for GTA 2 is getting nearer! I have now released MultiSlayer 4.5 beta 14 which includes:

  1. Four more Insane Stunt Bonus jumps. There are now five.
  2. Two extra tanks. All tanks have 70 rockets, which is the maximum the game allows.
  3. Replaced an Oil Slicks powerup with Electro Gun.
  4. Removed a Molotov Cocktail powerup so I can place one in a nearby empty area.
  5. Rotated the McCranish Wharf crane so you can see where you are going more easily.
  6. Added a second crane to the North Downtown bridge construction site. I also added the base for the next bridge support so there is something to see if you fly off the end.
  7. Altered the South Pacific Strip business park building which has Rapid Fire on the roof. You can now get down from the roof on foot without dying and without using the stairs.
  8. Many small changes to buildings, fixed all known bugs, fixed some badly placed tower objects and I made some minor changes to lighting.

I intend to add more health and armour, more tanks, more invulnerable Pacifiers, more Army Jeeps and perhaps add some more stunt jumps. I might change the location where extra footballs are stored. I won’t add massive numbers of new things because they make syncronisation problems more likely.