Website Design Customer (30th October 2005)

On 2005-10-11 I sent an e-mail to my former secondary school to see if they would like their current website rebuilt to a modern, professional standard. The response was very positive and I met with their Head of ICT about on 2004-10-14. We thought the meeting would only last about half an hour but we were developing ideas for nearly three hours!

The existing website has been created by the Head of ICT in his spare time, creating hundreds of pages over the past couple of years. The school was recently given special status in the fields of Computing and Mathematics and the facilities have recieved many updates and expansions since I studied there. Helping them to upgrade their current website will be part of their long term strategy to become a leader in secondary education.

The development project is currently at a very preliminary stage. I am really looking forward to giving something back to my old school, though.