CFG Studio (1st July 2005)

Because playing through and exploring the features of GTA San Andreas has been my priority over the past few days, very little has been done to my programs. However, I started working on a dynamic View Arrange Rows menu which will allow the handling to be listed according to the values in any column you choose from that menu. This means menu items have to be added and deleted when you change between data views or open a new file, plus they have to be stored between data views. It will probably take a week or so before I have it fully refined.

Turning this into a full-blown editor of all the text data files from GTA 3, GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas would be a massive undertaking because there are so many complex file formats in the editions. The differences between some of these files is quite subtle so the code which automatically detected the type of data being opened would need to be really sophisticated. However, it is a challenge that I really would like to take on.